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When you want to call your waitress


And you’re sitting all forlorn…


You will get her to you quicker


With your lights than with your horn


For there ain’t a gal among us


Who has eyesight that has growed


To the point where she can look around


And see whose horn has blowed!


frozen in time since 1949!

Gilles Frozen Custard has been local, family-owned and operated since 1949. Tom Gilles began serving frozen custard and Gillieburgers to the Fond du Lac community in June of 1949.

His strong work ethic, uncompromising dedication to quality and cleanliness, and emphasis on friendly service have proven to be the keys to Gilles’ success. Tom passed these practices down to his son, Jim, who began working at the stand at age 10.

vintage image of gilles customers on the storefront roof in the 1970's

In 1992, Jim took over the business and continued running the drive-in with the same food, service and spirit that made it a success and local hotspot throughout the ‘50s. Today, Scott Gilgenbach and Chris Meyer rely on the same qualities and spirit that made Gilles a local, fun landmark for years with great food, quick service, and a menu that makes any customer happy. Hard work and family values continue to make Gilles Frozen Custard fun for the entire family!

staff member of Gilles in a paper hat holding a toddler, laughing
a happy Gilles customer showing off his Gillie Cookie
two Gilles cooks in the kitchen
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